Destinazione Micromosaico at Ravenna Mosaico festival

Essential part of the 5th edition of the Ravenna Mosaico festival, Destinazione Micromosaico is an exhibition produced by Sicis, a world leader company in the production of not only decorative mosaics, to celebrate its 30th year of activity. This not to be missed exhibition with free admission will be hosted from 5th October to 7th January 2018 at the 17th century Rasponi dalle Teste Palace, one of the largest and most prestigious noble residencies in the city of Romagna.

The exhibition itinerary, designed by C&T Crossmedia with the direction of Stefano Fake from The Fake Factory, unfolds from the entrance staircase to the whole noble floor of the aforementioned Rasponi dalle Teste Palace. 360° projections, digital frescoes and zenith videos tell the story of Sicis in the first rooms through the succession of portraits, icons and faces made by the mosaic masters, with in-depth analysis dedicated to the manufacturing group, the materials and the mosaic art ancient history, further than to the creations inspired by classical works, Pop Art, Avant-garde.

After these rooms we can find Sala del Micromosaico, dedicated to the jewels made with the micro mosaic. This technique flourished in the 18th century before disappearing almost completely in the 19th century. The Ravenna-based company has invested resources to study and retrieve this art in order to bring it back to the prestige of the past. Finally, games of images and videos show the mastery of the mosaic of the nature, ranging from the Baroque and Renaissance flower arrangement to the oriental, stylistic Japanese traditions.

Destinazione Micromosaico therefore represents a perfect union between ancient and modern art, amplifying the superlative beauty of the precious Sicis products thanks to an immersive multimedia experience made possible by a stunning 39 video projectors! In detail it is 14 Optoma EH415ST, 8 Optoma GT1080E, 2 Optoma GT760, 8 Canon XEED WUX450ST, 4 Canon XEED WUX6010, 1 Canon LX-MU500 and 2 Canon LV-WX310ST, all supplied by IC Videopro, which one more time confirms to be the ideal partner for truly engaging installations.

Below you can find the video of the event:

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