Research and development in the electronic and technological fields progressed in leaps and bound through the years, creating an almost infinite series of revolutions in the audio/video universe. It is in this pulsating magma made of ideas, projects, more and less successful innovations, that IC Videopro staff members sharpened their sales and technical capacities through draining laboratory analyses and practical verifications.

In addition to the management of more or less complex technical specifications, we are in fact able to intervene with ad hoc solutions in order to ease and optimise any assembly. For instance, cages and clamps to fix video projectors with micrometric adjustments on the various axes were born thanks to the advices and the collaboration with partners. Timers that allow to control the video projectors turning on and off without thermal shocks were similarly created.

Furthermore, we have made possible utilising the different lenses used in the video projectors with interchangeable lenses on devices having LCD or DLP chips of the same dimension. This thanks to the study of their hooking systems. We therefore offer a 360° consultancy which transforms an artistic vision into a bright emotional reality for the audience.

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